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About Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance typically covers four types of incidents that could happen to your property: exterior damage, interior damage, loss or damage to personal assets, and injury to a person that occurs while on the property.

If you're financing the property, your lender will require homeowners insurance, and more specifically Evidence of Insurance (known as EOI). You will need to provide proof of insurance before underwriting of the loan can be completed.

When should you get homeowners insurance?

Once you have gone under contract and have selected a lender, you should begin shopping for homeowners insurance.

Certain homeowner’s insurance coverage inclusions may be required by your lender. Ask your lender for these details so you understand what minimum policy coverage you will be required to carry when shopping for a policy.

Top Homeowners Insurance Options


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We’ve been working for clients like you, with requests like yours, for years. We have come to know the service providers that are good (recommend) and bad (avoid). Before adding a service provider to our network, we vet them for a period of time for:
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    What type and how much insurance coverage do I need?
    This is a question for your lender. They will tell you their requirements exactly.
      • There are essentially three types of coverage - Actual cash value, Replacement cost, & Guaranteed replacement cost/value
      Should I bundle my other insurance policies when I buy a home?
      Bundling other insurance policies, like auto & an umbrella policy, with a homeowners insurance policy can trigger potential savings for you. Ask the insurance agent to give you both a stand alone quote and a bundled quote.
      • If you have existing auto insurance, ask if they offer homeowners insurance. Get a comparison quote from them too before you decide on an insurance provider.

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