What's the first thing you should do before searching for a home?
Get pre-approved by a lender. Pre-approval is the pre-qualification for a loan or mortgage and enables you to understand how much you can afford.

In order to get Pre-Approved, your finances need to be in order. You should have a rough estimate of the following before you chat with a lender:
  • Your Credit Score(s)
  • Total Income Sources & Liabilities (e.g. car loans, college loans)
  • Budget for a Down Payment
  • Understanding of rough ownership costs (e.g. monthly utilities, budget for improvements or maintenance items, etc.)
When should you schedule your first call with us?
As soon as possible.  Whether you're just getting started or already know the home you want to place an offer on, we're here to get things kicked off.
    What's the best way to search for home on the market?
    98% of homebuyers begin their home search using online tools such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Redfin, etc. Each of these sites has a direct feed into all available homes in your area. We recommend you drive around different neighborhoods that you're in living in and set up searches (via those websites) for those particular areas.

    Once you've found a home you'd like to take a look at, you have a few options:
    • Attend an open house
    • Contact us and we'll schedule a time for an agent to open the door to the home
    Once I'm ready to place an offer on a home, what do I do?
    At Homsby, our core belief is giving homebuyers more options when purchasing a home (to save $$). We let you decide how much real estate agent support you want and we'll be there to help you along your journey. We have 2 main packages (+ a la carte options if you need more support). When you're ready to push forward with placing an offer on a home, schedule a meeting with us and we'll have you choose your package.
    • Homsby Full Service - This is for buyers that want continual local agent support throughout the process from home search through closing.
    • Homsby Self Service - This is for the experienced buyer that doesn't need much help. Self-service buyers will have our website guide them from creating an offer, and all the way through close. Of course, if these buyers want more support of have questions, they can reach out to us for an a la carte fee.
    Do Homsby agents work with the seller (or listing agent) directly?
    Yes, our agents work with you (the homebuyer) to create your offer, and then our agent will submit and discuss your offer with the seller (or listing agent).

    Once we hear back from the seller, we'll communicate with you any updates.
    How does support from Homsby agents work?
    When you choose one of our packages, you'll be paired with one of our top agents who will be there to support you from beginning until the end.
      • Full Service Package - For our Full Service package, you and your agent will be in constant contact to guide you, write offers, present and negotiate offers on your behalf, answer any of your questions, etc. Our agents are a phone call, text message, or zoom call away -- it's really up to you. Because our agents are focused on helping our clients and they don't need to worry about marketing themselves or building their pipeline of buyers, you can expect an even better & quicker level of service than going with a traditional agent.
      • Self Service Package - For our Self Service package, you'll use our website to guide you every step of the way.  We'll go ahead and do a quick review of your offer with you in a virtual meeting and can facilitate the negotiation with the seller/listing agent if you'd like.
      So, I can place offers on unlimited homes for each of the packages?
      No, we have a limit on the number of homes you can place offers on. If you still aren't under contract on a place, and you want to place an offer on another home, we'll add just $500 for each additional home.

      Our packages include offers on the following number of homes.
        • Full Service Package - 3 homes
        • Self Service Package - 10 homes
        What if I want to schedule more meetings with my agent and it is outside of the packaged offering?
        We want you to be successful and aren't looking to nickel and dime you if you have quick questions. However, if you do need to have a more lengthy conversation, we may go ahead and add a service fee which will be added to our flat rate fee.
          Are all meetings and conversations with my agent virtual?
          Yes. While we have top local agents helping you, we're streamlining the entire process to help you maximize your savings as a homebuyer. You'll have complete visibility and access to our agent's calendars to schedule a time to chat that works for you (down to the 15 minute increment).

          Most traditional agents can be very busy working with other clients or prospecting. We've found that if you have a question and call / text / or email them, it can be hours until they respond. We feel like this is a poor experience in today's modern world and adds to buyers frustration. As a result, we're continually making sure we have enough staff available so that you can reach any of us within a reasonable amount of time.
          Will Homsby agents drive me around to look at neighborhoods and homes?
          If you need to see a home outside of an open house, we'll coordinate with a local agent to meet you at the property so you can walk through it. You're Homsby agent typically won't be the one to meet you at the property.

          Why? Today’s homebuyer is doing more on their own than ever before. According to the National Association of REALTORS, 98% of homebuyers in 2019 regularly searched Redfin, Zillow, and other online resources on their own to look for their future home, with more than 60% of those buyers ultimately purchasing the home they found online. It begs the question, why would I pay for real estate services that are not directly benefiting me. We feel like with today's modern homebuyer, you'd rather have us work on the negotiation and helping you through the process than driving you around different neighborhoods and increasing the cost of our services.

          How does the Homsby Refund work?
          We provide homebuyers, like you, the support and services you need and want, for a flat fee. At close, we collect the commission your traditional buyers’ agent would be paid, we subtract our flat fee, and then refund you what is left over.

          If the commission is less than our flat fee, we will use the commission to cover our fee. No out of pocket charge to the Buyer. If our fee is less than the commission collected, we refund the buyer the difference.

          What are our flat rate fees?
          • Full Service: $8,000
          • Self Service: $1,500