Step 5 - Open Escrow

August 25, 2021
Purchasing real estate does not need to be complicated. And it should not be expensive. Let us introduce you to Homsby, a virtual real estate brokerage that’s boldly changing the status quo. We provide homebuyers, like you, the support and services you need and want, for a flat fee. At close, we collect the commission your traditional buyers’ agent would be paid, we subtract our flat fee, and then refund you what is left over. Sound too good to be true. It’s not.

Congratulations on your accepted offer! That is a big first accomplishment.

Now that you have control of your transaction, you want to position yourself for success. The Homsby Transaction Timeline was built to do just that - to guide you through the steps related to your escrow, due diligence, loan funding and more. We built the Homsby Transaction Timeline with you and your contract timeline in mind, to keep you on track with simple to follow action item tasks and reminders to help you make the timely and important decisions required in your transaction as you make your way to the closing table with confidence.

The next task on every homebuyer's timeline after getting into contract is to communicate that you have an accepted contract with your closing/escrow officer and that you need to open escrow.

Opening escrow simply means to communicate with the escrow company that an executed contract has been established and that you intend to use their services to manage your escrow process. This action will enable you to get an escrow officer assigned to your transaction, if one has not already been identified, as well as define your transaction with a unique escrow number you will use as future reference.

The Homsby Transaction Timeline is setup so that you can start this communication with your new escrow officer with just few clicks on the Homsby platform. To see how Homsby and our experienced agents are using technology and a buyer first focus to make the home buying experience modern, transparent, and seamless, schedule a call with us. We would love to show you what a modern home buying experience is like and put thousands of dollars back into your pocket after you close.