Step 4 - Make an Offer

August 19, 2021
Purchasing real estate does not need to be complicated. And it should not be expensive. Let us introduce you to Homsby, a virtual real estate brokerage that’s boldly changing the status quo. We provide homebuyers, like you, the support and services you need and want, for a flat fee. At close, we collect the commission typically paid to your buyers’ agent, we subtract our flat fee, and then refund you what is left over. Sound too good to be true. It’s not.

Establish a Plan to Make an Offer

There is much more that goes into an offer than just price. Often, terms can be as important as the dollar amount being offered.When compared against each other, a lower priced offer with terms that align with the seller’s needs paired with the proper documentation to show buyers strength and credibility can be more valuable than an offer made for a higher price and the wrong terms.


To get to the place to make an incredible offer,you need to establish a plan. Homsby was built to guide you to do just that. Our Virtual Offer Building Tool paired with expert Homsby agent support positions you and your interests front and center while building your offer. Our step by step approach ensures that you understand exactly what you are offering, incorporating the necessary contingencies to give you confidence to make informed decisions so you can proceed with confidence when under contract.

To learn more about making a lights out offer,schedule a consultation with one of our experienced agents here. And when you close on that new house, we will refund you thousands of commission dollars that don’t belong in our pockets so you can buy new furniture for the whole house. Yeah we are talking about giving you back that much.