Home Buyer Refunds

August 6, 2021
Purchasing real estate does not need to be complicated. And it should not be expensive. Let us introduce you to Homsby, a virtual real estate brokerage that’s boldly changing the status quo. We provide homebuyers, like you, the support and services you need and want, for a flat fee. At close, we collect the commission your traditional buyers’ agent would be paid, we subtract our flat fee, and then refund you what is left over. Sound too good to be true. It’s not.
They say rebate, we say HOMSBY Refund.

Either way, it is money back into your pocket. Just what a homebuyer needs in today's market.

A rebate is defined as “a partial refund to someone who has paid too much money.” A home buyer rebate, also known as a commission rebate, therefore occurs when a real estate agent returns a portion of the fee they collect via commission for the services they perform for a buyer in their purchase transaction.

Home buyer rebates are not new and have been occurring within real estate transactions for a long time. Rebates just are not typical and are not offered to everyone. Usually an agent must receive approval to offer a rebate and might only do so as one offs for family, friends or as inducements to attract special clients. Homsby believes rebates should be offered to everyone!

Rebates are legal in most states. The US Department of Justice thinks they are a valuable mechanism that can reduce the overall cost a buyer spends on a home. Problem is, the US real estate industry as a whole is stuck in old fashioned thinking and expensive operating ways.

Using a technology first approach and a focus strictly on the home buyer, Homsby has created a more efficient service model for the modern home buyer. We don’t skimp on customer services. In fact, we provide home buyers with customizable levels of support they need and a suite of resources that aide them in every aspect of their home purchase. Homsby is the home buyer platform of choice for the modern homebuyer.    

Speak to a Homsby Agent now to see how we are pairing expert agents with Homebuyers like you to confidently purchase real estate and save your hard-earned money.