All Cash Offers

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No Additional Cost
4x More Likely to Win
Remove your Financing & Appraisal Contingencies
Save on Average $14k when making an all cash offer


1. Get Cash Approved

Go through's approval process and get approved to make an all cash offer within 48 hours.

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2. Find a Home

Search for and visit homes within your all cash budget.

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3. Make an All Cash Offer

Work with your Homsby agent to write an all cash offer without a financing contingency.

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4. Close Quickly

Your lender will purchase your house using all cash within a matter of days, not weeks.

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5. Permanent Financing & Move In

Work with your all cash lender to finalize your loan, transfer title, & move in! All at no extra cost to you.

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Mostly everyone. At no extra cost.

Loan & Down Payment
Loan Type
Loan Size
Down Payment
Credit Score
Property Type
Existing Single Family, Condo, 1-4 Unit
New Construction
Commercial Buildings
Mobile or Manufactured Homes
Pension/child support + Alimony, Retirement, VA benefits or Disability

* The eligibility criteria above can and will vary depending on the loan type and individual. Contact to understand if you qualify to make all cash offers.


What is the approval process?
This is not a pre-approval.

This is full up-front underwriting that typically takes around 3-4 days to complete.

As a buyer, you will know your exact cash-buying power and estimated loan terms at the end of this process in the form of an Cash Offer Letter from
Is this a real cash offer or just a better "pre-approval"?
This is a real cash offer. Not only that, this is the strongest cash offer in real estate. An cash offer is not contingent on a loan or an appraisal and can close in as little as 72 hours. This is not a mortgage pre-approval, so your offer has maximum appeal to the seller.
Are there added fees for making an all cash offer?
No. exclusively generates revenue from the loan like any other lender. does not charge buyers, sellers or agents anything additional to work with us.
    Are the rates competitive?’s mortgage rates are very competitive. This is in part because they are one of the few lenders whose loan officers are salaried and do not receive any commissions off your loan. This allows them to pass the cost-per-loan savings onto their cash-approved buyers.
    What do I need to make an all cash offer?
    Once you are approved to make all cash offers, your agent will let know about the property you're interested in so the property can be approved for an all cash offer. Once the offer is approved, you can submit an all-cash offer with’s proof-of-funds.
      What are the criteria for approving an offer once I find a home that I want to place an all-cash offer on?
      Their only criteria is that you qualify for the mortgage associated with the home that you are buying and that the all-cash offer you are placing on the property is at market value.
        How do you determine market value?
        Before an offer is submitted with your agent, value checks the property with's internal AVM or in-house appraiser. They may also ask your agent for comparable sales to support your bid price. Generally, this process takes less than one hour.
          Who places the offer and negotiates with the seller?
          Just like a typical purchase, you and your homsby agent have control over the negotiations and your due diligence (including inspection).'s job is to bring the cash and close once you are ready to move forward.
            Can I still get an inspection? What happens if issues are found during the inspection?
            Yes, the all-cash contract signed between and the seller is contingent on you being satisfied with the inspections. Just as you would in an ordinary transaction, you and your homsby agent have complete control over negotiations during the inspection period. We will not purchase the home unless you and your agent are satisfied with its condition and a resolution has been reached between you and the seller.
              Do we require an Earnest Money Deposit?
     will require an earnest money deposit (EMD) slightly higher than industry standard for your home purchase from us. The earnest money deposit will count toward your down payment amount. They will match the Earnest Money deposit with their cash for the all-cash purchase with the seller. That way, all parties can have security and certainty in the transaction! (Please make sure those funds are liquid and accessible.) The higher EMD can also serve to strengthen your offer from the seller’s perspective.
                Can I decide not to buy the home that bought on my behalf?
                If you decide to voluntarily walk from the contract, you will lose your earnest money deposit and may be responsible for additional costs associated with the resale of the home. These transactions only work if there is real intention to own the home that the cash offer is being made on.
                  What happens to my earnest money deposit if I lose my job and can no longer close on the mortgage?
                  If you lose your job, will refund your earnest money deposit. The earnest money deposit is meant to ensure that everyone has “skin in the game”, and to prevent you from voluntarily walking away from the home after it has been purchased on your behalf. will do their best to accommodate non-voluntary issues like the loss of employment.
                    How does the process work from accepted offer to moving in?
                    Every transaction with has two closings: a cash closing and a mortgage closing. At the cash closing, they use their cash to purchase the home from the seller in as little as 72 hours. At the mortgage closing, they transfer title to your when their home loan is ready to close. As soon as the mortgage closing is complete, you'll be able to move in.
                    How can I be assured you'll sell the property back to me at the agreed upon price?
           signs a resale agreement with you upfront as well as a standard sales contract that legally obligates them to sell the home back to you at the exact price they purchased it for. Any price reductions or credits negotiated during your due diligence period will also be reflected in your contract with
                      Can I move into the house as soon as the cash closing is complete?
                      For insurance purposes, cannot allow you to occupy the property before you buy the home. That’s why they try to close your mortgage within two weeks of buying it from the original seller.
                        How long does it take between the cash closing, where owns the home and the mortgage closing?
                        After the home is purchased on your behalf, looks to complete the mortgage closing within two weeks maximum (usually sooner). You'll be able to move in as soon as the mortgage closing is complete.